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Kenneth Bendix Hansen


Jeg var i mine teenageår en lovende golfspiller, som trænede hårdt, opsøgte viden og gjorde alt for at blive den bedste. I dag er jeg opsat på at finde bedre veje til succesen, end dem jeg selv tog i mine teenageår.

Jeg elsker at undervise alt fra begynderen til tourspilleren. For mig handler det om mennesket foran mig, at hjælpe dig til at blive bedre og få dig til at opleve det kick, det giver, når du rykker dig til næste niveau.

Jeg har undervist i golf siden 2002 og på fuld tid siden 2005. Igennem hele perioden har jeg været opsøgende for mere og bedre viden, investeret i det bedste udstyr og rejst verden rundt for at lære af de bedste trænere – alt sammen for at give dig de bedste muligheder for at udvikle dit spil.

I denne periode har jeg undervist alt fra nybegynderen til landsholdsspillere og tourspillere og min erfaring herfra gør at jeg i dag er i stand til at hjælpe spillere på alle niveauer og skræddersy løsningen til DIG.

Ingen golfspillere er ens, og derfor skal løsningerne heller ikke være det.



Min målsætning er, at alle, jeg underviser, skal vide hvad de skal ændre, hvorfor det skal ændres samt hvordan det skal gøres. Alle mine spillere indgår i forløb, som sikrer den løbende feedback, der er så vigtig for at kunne rykke til næste niveau.



Jeg har allerede i mine teenageår haft stor glæde af at hjælpe andre med deres golfspil. Den glæde har kun udviklet sig med årene. Det kick man får når spillerne rykker sig til næste niveau udgør en kæmpe glæde for mig. Jeg synes kombinationen af nybegyndere, klubspillere og topelite er fantastisk. Begynderne giver succesoplevelser og glæde konstant, klubspillerne flytter sig også hurtigt og er super taknemmelige og elitespillerne giver en enorm tilfredsstillelse over en længere periode.

“Kenneth is more than just a good instructor, he’s one of the few I know who will travel thousands of miles often to the most unglamorous places in order to learn something new. The purpose of these trips is not only to satisfy his own curiosity but to provide the best possible service he can to his clients whether it be full swing, short game or equipment fitting. These travels qualify Kenneth as one of the rising stars of golf instruction, very few show such strength at all aspects of coaching. If you’re lucky enough to spend some time with Kenneth I’d advise you to do so, immediately!”

James Ridyard – Short Game Expert

I have had  the privilege to travel,  coaching players on the PGA Tour and European PGA Tour for  15 years.  In this process,  I have conducted National Training Days in 9 different countries and over 100 seminars in all parts of the globe. This has afforded to meet to meet the top coaches from around the world.  Kenneth Hansen is in that group.   

Kenneth has sought out the best coaching minds in the world to develop his craft and honed it developing great players on all levels. I have learned that the best people, no matter what field they are in, have quality people around them.  In that sense, I appreciate Kenneths sincere desire to be the best, and his scrutiny has helped me in strengthen my own skills.  

Kenneth has been a leader in developing other golf professionals skills as well, taking the initiative to organize top teachers in all facets of golf for professional seminars and bringing them to his corner of the world.  He also contributes regularly to the development of less experienced teachers in our program, the Stack & Tilt Network, in my mind this not speaks not only to his expertise, but also his character.  

I can say that I am a better teacher because I know Kenneth Hansen and for these reasons pass along my highest recommendation. 

Andy Plummer

Tour coach, PGA Tour

Kenneth Hansen is a good friend of mine, and an incredible golf instructor. Kenneth travels the world learning from the best instructors, gathering tools to become one of the best teachers in the business.

He is passionate about his craft. He utilizes the latest technology, Trackman, high-speed video, Sam Putt Lab and Myswing to help him analyze his students’ swing.

He screens every student to learn how their body best delivers force and how they should swing the club optimally.

Kenneth is a true expert in the art of teaching, he makes every student better helping them to play their best golf. He gets my highest recommendation.


Thank you,


Mike Adams

2016 US PGA National Teacher of the Year

2016 World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame Inductee (Class of Mike Adams, Butch Harmon, Jim McLean, Jim Hardy and Chuck Cook)

GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher

Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor (Currently ranked #6 in the World)

4 Time Section Teacher of the Year

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